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“Still working. Still committed. Still here to make a difference.”

“Charles Ware is the best attorney this side of the Galaxy!” — Apollo 16 NASA Astronaut Charles Moss Duke Jr.

Charles Ware is “a great lawyer”. — Actor and Director Danny Glover.

“Charles Ware is MENSA-smart…and one of the best lawyers in the Nation.” — Dr. D Chopra.

Recipient of the “Charles Hamilton Houston Award for Outstanding Litigation” — U.S. Representative Parren J. Mitchell.

“He’s a very tenacious and aggressive litigator who is not intimidated by anybody.” — The Washington Post

“He’s an Earl Warren legal scholar. He’s Great! Enough said.” — Judge T. Marshal

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Whether representing clients such as Dr. Deepak Chopra, Sir Speedy Inc., WMATA, the Federal Republic of Nigeria, or Terrence Gaston Johnson, this law firm is committed. Let’s say you’ve been investigated for, or charged with, a serious criminal offense. Or perhaps you suspect you’ve been the target of discrimination by your employer on the basis of race, age or gender. Maybe an immigration law problem is jeopardizing your chances of being reunited with a loved one, or a dear relative has been harmed in an avoidable, regrettable instance of medical malpractice.

For these and dozens of other potential life setbacks, the versatile, aggressive lawyer to call on for quality legal representation is at the Columbia, Maryland law firm of Charles Jerome Ware, PA. You’ll quickly see how more than 30 years of experience in bettering lives through law can make an impact on your case. No wonder our firm has been rated “an outstanding client experience.” Charles Ware is a national recipient of the prestigious “Charles Hamilton Houston Award for Outstanding Litigation” among numerous other awards such as ALM’s “Top Lawyers in Maryland”, U.S. Super Lawyer 2004, “Americas Best Attorneys and Counselors”, Top Lawyers in America, “Top Attorneys and Counselors in the U.S.”, NTL’s “Top 100 Trial Lawyers”, and AIDUIA’s “10 best DUI/DWI Attorneys” in Maryland.

Charles Ware is the author of several best-selling books, “Understanding the Law: A Primer”, “The Immigration Paradox: 15 tips for winning Immigration cases”, “Quince (15) Consejos para Ganar Casos de Inmigracion”, “Legal Consumer Tips and Secrets : Avoiding Debtors’ Prison in the United States”, and “The Secret Science of Winning Lotteries, Sweepstakes and Contests”.

Quite simply, we are here to make a difference: “Still working. Still committed. Still here to make a difference”.

We operate as close to home as Washington, D.C., Virginia and Pennsylvania, and as far away as California. We are passionately devoted to your case and your cause in a wide variety of major practice areas:

  • Civil Litigation
  • Criminal defense
  • Employment discrimination
  • Immigration
  • Medical malpractice
  • Personal injury
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Antitrust and corporate law
  • Class action lawsuits
  • Elder law
  • Domestic Law
  • Wrongful Death

Our firm-wide mission, day in and day out, is to better the lives of our fellow citizens, workers and parents through the application of American laws. We apply that commitment to everything we do and to everyone we serve, with conscientious client commitment and unparalleled respect for our justice system.

If we can be of service, please be in touch at your earliest convenience.

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We return after-hours calls promptly, and we offer access to interpretation for our non-English-speaking clients. We look forward to meeting you and working with you.