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Let me be perfectly clear :  Self-representation  by a defendant in his or her DUI/DWI case is a very BAD idea !!!

Certainly in Maryland, as well as in most other states, judges do not want defendants to come into their courtrooms and face charges  in which they could be subject to jail time, such as DUIs and DWIs , without attorney representation. Further, prosecutors will not be lenient with the DUI/DWI defendant just because they do not have an attorney. Both judges and prosecutors want proficient defense attorneys involved to make the judicial process more just, fair and efficient for everyone involved — and particularly for the defendant.

The key reason for this is that DUIs and DWIs are serious offenses. And, in most if not all cases, they are not expungeable.  Once the defendant is found guilty, they are branded and stuck with the decision.

Additionally, DUI and DWI cases usually involve a lot of paperwork just to get the defendant’s driving privileges, to deal with the fines, court costs, alcohol education programs and other mandatory issues. Contact and interaction will have to be made with Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration for driving license reinstatement.

I know some people feel they do not need competent legal representation in these cases. THEY DO !
I have found that most people understand this point better when we explain it to them.