Anti-Trust & Corporate Law

Maryland Antitrust and Corporate Law Attorney

At the Columbia law offices of Charles Jerome Ware, serving Maryland, Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia and Virginia for many years, our experienced corporate attorney and veteran civil litigator offers what can be of valuable assistance to your antitrust and corporate law situations. We offer arbitration and mediation services, for instance, facilitate business formation, and collaborate on contracts, pleadings and conflicts.

At the Federal Trade Commission, our distinguished lawyer-founder was First Assistant to the Director of the Bureau of Competition as well as special counsel to the FTC Chairman. Within the U.S. Justice Department, he was senior attorney for the antitrust division, as well as the criminal division. Our decades of antitrust and corporate law experience, combined with our trademark client commitment, can be of benefit to you.

When your antitrust or corporate law needs require only the most seasoned, skilled counsel, someone with a wealth of government and business background, contact our Columbia law offices immediately. We are here to make a difference in your professional and business life.

A National Antitrust and Corporate Law Firm

We insightfully advise clients across the country on a broad range of sophisticated domestic and international antitrust issues. These could arise in the context of cross-border acquisitions, joint ventures, requirements contracts and similar contractual arrangements. We handle complex antitrust litigation, such as cases involving anticompetitive behavior, monopolization, predatory practices and price-fixing. We recognize and expose fraud and Ponzi schemes, and alert principals to breaches of fiduciary duties.

Our arsenal of proven litigation strengths include the ability to negotiate and mediate complex business and contract disputes; any disputes in real estate matters and partnership-shareholder relationships; conflicts over mergers and acquisitions; disputes surrounding executive employment, intellectual property and trade secrets; accounting and financial services disputes; and especially contentious issues of corporate governance.

If, let’s say, you’re a high-ranking senior executive with a prestigious, older, larger company, we can provide wise counsel to address impending problems of executive employment or corporate governance. On the other hand, if you’re a corporate shareholder or major partner with a passionately felt, fully valid complaint, we can convey those strongly held beliefs to your boardroom.

Bettering Your Life Through Law

We’re here to make a difference, at the Columbia law offices of veteran antitrust and corporate lawyer Charles Jerome Ware, LLCContact us today to schedule your initial consultation. Your antitrust and corporate legal issues are important to us. We’re available around the clock by phone, fax and e-mail, and we return after-hours calls promptly.