Class Action Lawsuits

Maryland Class Action Lawsuit Attorney

For our 30 years in the practice of law in Maryland, the District of Columbia and throughout the United States, the special focus at the Charles Jerome Ware firm has been quality legal representation in class action lawsuits.

Over those three decades of distinguished service, we have provided passionate, persuasive advocacy for groups of African-American farmers, Washington D.C.’s Congressional black police officers, and in cases involving major companies, such as Burger King.

If your class action lawsuit is pending, on behalf of people affected by unscrupulous purveyors of products or services, contact our Columbia offices today. We’d like to know how we can help. Class action lawsuits are all about bettering American lives through law. Our motto of we are here to make a difference can be your motivator too.

National Class Action Law Firm

Examples of class action lawsuits that our well-known, successful firm’s founder could file on your behalf would be in support of victims of dangerous or defective products, consumer or investment fraud,employment discrimination; in response to issues of food safety, overtime pay, environmental damage and toxic exposures; antitrus tviolations; wrongful death cases from commercial aviation disasters; and abuses of human and civil rights.

Our class action and civil litigation practice can offer dynamic legal leadership to large groups of plaintiffs located in different districts throughout Maryland, Virginia and throughout the country. We welcome the opportunity to confront challenges like that of overcoming the complexities of large-scale, multidistrict cases. We can develop litigation, identify potential plaintiffs and seek class action certification.

In such large-scale litigation, some plaintiffs suspect that their interests might not be adequately represented or that they might be doomed to obtain less compensation satisfaction than they deserve. Our class action litigator works hard to assure attention to every plaintiff’s interests and to seek compensation packages that are fair for every individual plaintiff.

When you and your group are ready to bring an action to remedy complaints against a business or government entity, please be in touch with our class action lawyer.

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Participation in a variety of important class action lawsuits has been one of the many highlights of our founding member’s 30-plus-year career. We want to hear about the action you may be planning.

Contact the Columbia law offices of Charles Jerome Ware today, from wherever you are in Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia or Pennsylvania. We’re available by phone, fax and e-mail, and can access Spanish language interpreters. We look forward to hearing from you.