Elder Law

Maryland Elder Law Attorney

Through our law firm’s work with the Howard County Government on aging, at Maryland area churches and our senior centers, the law firm of Charles Jerome Ware helps families confront legal issues facing older people: issues such as advance planning, estate distribution, the appointment of alternative decision makers and long-term care needs — the ultimate goal being that of a secure, dignified retirement. Legal techniques for the resolution of those issues and goals are the basis of elder law.

Our domestic population is aging dramatically. Even the baby boomers are entering their 60’s. These considerations make it imperative that our culture should be aware of senior needs and develop and maintain avenues of support. Families of the aging parents should actively pursue every right and benefit that the elderly deserve.

To this end and in service to our motto of bettering others’ lives through law, we want the aging process to be as dignified and comfortable as possible. To do that, someone, somewhere along the line, will have to make a difference. That’s why we’re here. When elder law issues affect you and your family, contact our Columbia law offices. We can help.

As our caring, skilled lawyer advises seniors throughout Maryland, proper estate planning and asset distribution before death can be of long-term benefit to a client’s entire family. A senior can receive the full value of Medicaid and Medicare benefits and also preserve his or her estate’s assets for future generations.

Your Elder Law Practice

Our Charles Jerome Ware elder law firm practice’s services include:

  • Medicaid planning
  • Wills and trusts, special needs trusts
  • Asset protection
  • Estate and gift taxes
  • Living wills
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Guardianships and conservatorships

Sadly, many of today’s elderly citizens have been victimized by younger individuals, like a caregiver, neighbor or family member, who supposedly offer friendship but really want to bilk them of their assets instead. If you have been harboring misgivings about someone who may be taking advantage of the senior or seniors in your life, call or e-mail our Maryland law offices immediately.

Serving Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia and Pennsylvania

When you contact our Columbia, Maryland, law offices of Charles Jerome Ware, you’re in touch with one very experienced in the practice of elder law. Our 30-plus years of experience have made us all too aware of the special issues and problems of today’s seniors. You should know that we’re here to make a difference, bettering your lives through law. We consider our hard work in this field as an extension of our continuing community involvement.

Call, fax or e-mail us soon. We want to hear the specifics of your unique elder law problem. Your after-hours calls will be returned promptly, and interpreters are available for those who need them. We look forward to meeting you.